Fezer Vacuum Lifter VB-Akku

The Fezer Vacuum Lifter VB-Akku is a standard-setting solution for efficiently handling plate materials with diverse surfaces, including dense, flat, or structured textures, and an impressive weight capacity of up to 2,000 kg.

This vacuum lifter is a versatile industrial tool, designed to provide unmatched flexibility in material handling. Depending on your specific requirements, the VB-Akku offers various designs, including strictly horizontal, swiveling, or even the ability to turn over workpieces. Furthermore, Fezer offers custom solutions tailored to individual needs.

With a focus on precision and reliability, Fezer's VB-Akku is an industrial vacuum lifter that raises the bar for handling plate materials in the manufacturing and construction industries. Whether you're dealing with dense, flat, or structured surfaces, this versatile lifting system has got you covered.

Experience the future of heavy-duty material handling with the Fezer Vacuum Lifter VB-Akku. Elevate your industrial processes, improve workplace efficiency, and ensure the safe and efficient handling of materials. Choose the VB-Akku for a reliable and customized solution that sets new benchmarks in industrial vacuum technology.

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