Fezer Vacuum Tube Lifter VacuPowerlift VPL

The Fezer Vacuum Tube Lifter VacuPowerlift VPL redefines efficiency in material handling with its straightforward and easy operation. With just a single hand, loads of up to 200 kg can be effortlessly moved and handled, making it the perfect solution for various industrial applications.

This vacuum tube lifter is powered by robust pumps and blowers, allowing it to achieve impressive lifting speeds of up to 50 m/min. This exceptional speed ensures a high output when stacking and commissioning various types of transport goods, improving overall workplace efficiency.

VacuPowerlift is designed to streamline your material handling processes. It is your trusted companion in dealing with heavy loads and maximizing productivity in your industrial operations.

Experience the future of heavy-load material handling with the Fezer Vacuum Tube Lifter VacuPowerlift VPL. Elevate your industrial processes, improve workplace efficiency, and ensure the effortless and efficient handling of materials. Choose the VPL for a reliable and efficient solution that sets new benchmarks in industrial vacuum technology.

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