Fezer Vacuum Tube Lifter VacuQuicklift VQL


Purpose / Solution: Molding

Industries / Sectors: Oil/Gas

Country: France

Organisation: Oil/Gas Industry

Product Type: High Raise Storage Equipment

The Fezer Vacuum Tube Lifter VacuQuicklift VQL offers an efficient solution for material handling, with two basic designs to suit your needs. The first design is tailored for strictly horizontal applications, while the second features a swivel capability that allows for manual tipping over of workpieces. In both cases, the VacuQuicklift is controlled with a single control handle, ensuring a simple and ergonomic operation.

VacuQuicklift is designed to streamline your material handling processes and improve workplace efficiency. With its heavy load capacity and versatile design options, it's an ideal choice for various industrial applications.

Experience the future of heavy-load material handling with the Fezer Vacuum Tube Lifter VacuQuicklift VQL. Elevate your industrial processes, improve workplace ergonomics, and ensure the efficient handling of materials. Choose the VQL for a reliable and efficient solution that sets new benchmarks in industrial vacuum technology.

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